client mode / server mode

To run rsmg as a client create a shortcut and add /client as a switch.

Upon running rmsg you will be prompted to write recieving IP and then write your message. Both IPv4 and IPv6 are valid IPs for sending your message.

Please note to use Ipv6 address the receiving terminal must have an Ipv6 address as a primary address. rmsg by default listens on the primary IP of the terminal, so as not to leave open a security hole for another application to use.

To run rsmg as a server just doubleclick or execute rsmg.exe . If you have an active firewall, it will require of the user to allow it to create an exception.

If you wish to install rsmg to run at terminal’s startup, create a shortcut and add switch /install. If you run /install a second time it will return the active path written forstartup execution.

To uninstall it from startup, add /uninstall as a switch to a shortcut and double-click on it.

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