New Release v.

New features available for version .

Wake on LAN feature.

Running rsmg /WOL either from command line ie.: rsmg.exe /wol or by adding /WOL to your desktop shortcut.

You need to know the MAC address of the NIC you want to wake up and also it has to be enabled on the device’s BIOS.

Also you need to give the loopback address of your network. ie.: if my IP is then the loopback address for this subnet is It’s a little more complicated in theory but this is out of scope for what we are trying to do.

To find the MAC address on the machine you want to wake up you can use ipconfig /all from command line. It’s the same address you use for reservations on routers and DHCP.

ie.: If your MAC address looks like this EC-9A-74-F9-BC-8D or EC:9A:74:F9:BC:8D you need to enter EC9A74F9BC8D as MAC address.

WakeUp On LAN is in reality just a packet containg 8 bit of data destined to the MAC address of the desired NIC turned into decimal format.

This addition is based on the work of Olish.


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